Bedding Essentials

From bamboo mattress protectors to wool pillows and duvets, our collection of bedding essentials ensures your little one is always comfy and cosy in their cot or cot bed. Comfort is a key element to how well a baby sleeps. When they are uncomfortable, they cry, and that means less sleep for both you and your little one. Our bedding essentials help ensure a great night’s sleep, or nap, using sustainable and super soft materials.

Ideal for when your little one progresses from their cot to their first bed, our pillows and duvets are just the right size. Made from 100% certified organic cotton and 100% woolmark certified Australian wool filling, our bedding is super soft and comforting, just what your little one needs.

Our mattress protectors are available in three sizes, and are super absorbent to help keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable. Great bedding means better sleep quality, and all round happier babies and parents!

Sustainably made with your baby’s future in mind, browse our collection of bedding essentials now…
Size Guide

Please note that all of our multi pack items include the following:

Fitted Sheets (2-Pack) - One Patterned Fitted Sheet & One Solid Colour Fitted Sheet

Bedding Sets - One Duvet Cover & One Pillowcase


Fitted Sheets

 Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
Width Length Width Length
Moses Basket 33 76 13 30
Crib 52 90 20.5 35.5
Cot 60 120 24 47.5
Cot Bed 70 140 27.5 55
Single 90 190 35.5 75
Double 135 190 53 75


Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
Width Length Width Length
Toddler 60 40 24 16
Standard 75 50 29.5 20

Duvet Covers

Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
Width Length Width Length
Cot 100 120 39.5 47.5
Cot Bed 120 150 47.5 59
Single 135 200 53 79
Double 200 200 79 79


Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
Width Length Width Length
Cot / Cot Bed 100 120 39.5 47.5
Single 170 220 67 86.5
Double 220 225 86.5 88.5