Four Fun Activities To Tire Out The Kids

This month Kabode HQ is all about FUN! We’re all loving the longer days and warmer weather, and we’re doing what we can to inject some fun into our working days (the writer of this article MAY be sitting by the beach as she writes it, ssshhhhh)

As we move into summer, parents are looking for new and interesting ways to keep their kids entertained and active, and to use up all that boundless energy. So we’ve put together a few suggestions that you could try with the family this year…

Stand Up Paddleboarding

It’s the fastest-growing watersport in the UK, and for very good reason! This surf/kayak hybrid is fun, relaxing and a great way to explore the water. Stand Up Paddleboards are flat boards, either rigid or inflatable, that are generally wider and therefore more steady than a surfboard. They come in different lengths, suitable for people of different heights.

Though it may look daunting, it’s very easy to get started by kneeling on the board, then if you’re feeling ready you can stand up. All you need to do is gently paddle with an oar to glide through the water.

If you have a young child who can swim, they can sit or lie on the front of the board (ideally wearing a life jacket!) to enjoy the ride. There are paddleboards for older children to use by themselves, so it’s a great way for the whole family to try something new, get some exercise and enjoy the calming effects of being on a lake, a canal or even a calm sea. And if you do fall off - well it’s all part of the fun!

There are many Paddleboard hire centres around the country now, where you can hire all the kit you’ll need, including wetsuits if it’s cold and life jackets for those who need them. Hiring for an hour or two is perfect for beginners and a relatively inexpensive day out.


A natural progression from Forest School, Bushcraft will give your little explorer the chance to try out some Bear Grylls style activities and learn a few handy life skills that could come in useful one day.

There are Bushcraft workshops taking place around the UK this Summer, have a look online to see what’s going on near you. Bushcraft is all about learning how to survive in the wild, including challenges such as building a shelter, making a fire, preparing and cooking food, foraging and hunting, as well as things such as whittling wood and making tools from stones and found objects.

If there isn’t an organised Bushcraft workshop in your area, there are tons of websites and even some great books that will teach you the basics so that as a family you can go off into the woods and safely try out some skills yourself. Just be careful if you’re making a fire, ensure it is in a permitted area and built safely, that children are kept away from it and it’s fully extinguished before you leave.

An exciting day of fresh air and Bear Grylls style adventure is sure to lead to tired out kids come bedtime!

50 things to do before you’re 11 and ¾

The National Trust has compiled this brilliant listof 50 things that every child should have the chance to do. All of the activities are free and take place outdoors, and are totally accessible and easy for almost anyone to have a go at. How many can your child tick off during this Summer holiday?

The suggestions range from everyday wonders such as ‘make friends with a bug’, ‘go cloud watching’ and ‘fly a kite’ to some that might take a little more planning and teamwork, like ‘dam a stream’ and ‘go on a nature walk at night’.

The lovely thing about this list is that a child of any age can work through it, and they can do much of it in their back garden or local area. Of course, if you do have a National Trust property nearby they are brilliant places for children to explore, many with lush gardens full of rare and exotic plants, abundant wildlife and of course the famous NT cafes for a drink and a sticky bun when it’s time for a rest.

Let loose at a festival

Although many 2021 events have sadly had to be cancelled or postponed due to the uncertainty around COVID, there are still lots of fantastic family-friendly festivals that are planning to go ahead and throw an event to remember this Summer, hurrah! There’s something for every family, with festivals of all sizes and all themes popping up to create magical temporary worlds that you and your children can throw yourselves into for a day or even a whole weekend.

Camp Bestival is probably the best-known kid-friendly festival - well established and with a line up including international pop stars, Cbeebies favourites, comedians and DJs. There’s absolutely loads to see and do, including joining in with the annual dressing up theme - will you take home the glory of best costume?

Other fun-filled events taking place this Summer include Gone Wild Festival by Bear Grylls - a celebration of good times in the great outdoors, Gloworm- a multi award-winning festival centered around play and Big Feastival- a foodie weekend that takes place on the farm of Alex James from Blur, which attracts top chefs, pop up restaurants and tons of tasters as well as dedicated kids zones.

The mind blowing experience of getting immersed in the world of a festival and all it has to offer is sure to tire out even the most energetic of kids! Just make sure if you’re camping that you all have comfy beds to fall into at the end of the day - may we suggest packing some super cosy Kabode bedding for the night?

Size Guide

Please note that all of our multi pack items include the following:

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Fitted Sheets

 Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
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Duvet Covers

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Cot 100 120 39.5 47.5
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Width Length Width Length
Cot / Cot Bed 100 120 39.5 47.5
Single 170 220 67 86.5
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