5 Tips For Keeping Kids Warm
In Bed This Winter

Energy bills giving you nightmares? As the prices rise this winter, families are looking for ways to keep their homes cosy and kids warm without running the heating all night. Every parent wants their child to be warm and comfortable and to sleep well, so it’s a worry for us all when we see the fuel and energy prices rising to never before seen levels. 

Here at Kabode we’re not experts in energy economics or politics, but we are passionate about everything to do with natural products and children’s sleep, so while we can’t fix the world, we have got some suggestions that might help you to keep your little ones cosy and dreaming sweetly through the Winter. Here are a few ideas to keep kids warm in bed this winter… 

1. A wool duvet

Wool duvets are fantastic at keeping sleeping people cosy and warm. Wool is a natural insulator - in fact, it’s one of the best and most sustainable insulating materials in the world. Wool cleverly creates a microclimate around the person sleeping in it, keeping them cool on hot nights and warm on cold nights.

Our duvets are made with Woolmark certified wool, wrapped in a 100% organic cotton cover. They are warm and snuggly, and can even be machine washed. Choosing a natural wool duvet rather than a synthetic one will help keep little sleepers warm all night, and will last for many years to come.

2. A hot water bottle

Don’t overlook this classic bit of Winter kit! Putting a hot water bottle in the bed for an hour before bedtime will mean that kids can get into a luxuriously warm and cosy bed, and drift off to sleep feeling all toastie and relaxed. Just remember to remove the hot water bottle from the bed and put it out of their reach before they climb in for the night (perhaps a good opportunity to move it into your bed and make the most of the heat?)

We love this hand knitted hot water bottle from Romney Marsh Wools. It’s made in the UK and the natural wool cover will ensure that the heat is slowly distributed over a long period of time. Inside, the bottle is made of natural rubber.

3. Layer up

Trap pockets of warm air between layers of bedding to keep body heat in. Layer a Kabode organic quilt over the top of your child’s duvet to add adjustable warmth and make an everyday duvet thicker. Our quilts are made with 100% organic cotton, and have a layer of cotton wadding inside which helps to trap heat. They can also be used to snuggle up in in front of the TV or while reading a book for cosy comfort all around the house. 

4. It’s sweater weather

Of course, what we wear to bed makes a huge difference to our body temperature and how we sleep! If little ones are feeling chilly at night, consider layering a vest under their PJs, and make sure their pyjamas have long arms and legs and are made of good quality cotton. We like the range from Polarn O Pyret which are made from high quality GOTS certified organic cotton and built to last. You could even add their merino wool baselayers under the pyjamas to really fend off the chill. 

5. A nice warm cuppa

Is there anything more soothing than a big mug of hot chocolate before bed? Warm them up from the inside out with a lovely mug of the sweet stuff before bed and they’ll be sure to drift off to sleep with a warm, happy tummy. If you want a treat for the whole family, try making it with flakes of real organic chocolate and orange from Cocoa Loco. This indulgent, fairtrade drinking chocolate simply melts into warm milk for a delicious winter warmer.

Whilst these suggestions might not cost less than a night of electricity or gas heating, they are products that will last winter after winter (except the hot chocolate, which we can’t resist drinking right away!) Once you’ve invested in some essential cold weather kit you can dress your bed to keep it warm whatever the weather, without incurring extra cost or using precious fossil fuels. You and your family can sleep well, warm and cosy all Winter long this year and many more. 

Size Guide

Please note that all of our multi pack items include the following:

Fitted Sheets (2-Pack) - One Patterned Fitted Sheet & One Solid Colour Fitted Sheet

Bedding Sets - One Duvet Cover & One Pillowcase


Fitted Sheets

 Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
Width Length Width Length
Moses Basket 33 76 13 30
Crib 52 90 20.5 35.5
Cot 60 120 24 47.5
Cot Bed 70 140 27.5 55
Single 90 190 35.5 75
Double 135 190 53 75


Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
Width Length Width Length
Toddler 60 40 24 16
Standard 75 50 29.5 20

Duvet Covers

Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
Width Length Width Length
Cot 100 120 39.5 47.5
Cot Bed 120 150 47.5 59
Single 135 200 53 79
Double 200 200 79 79


Size To Fit (cms) To Fit (inches)
Width Length Width Length
Cot / Cot Bed 100 120 39.5 47.5
Single 170 220 67 86.5
Double 220 225 86.5 88.5