The 2021 Nursery Trends You Can Recreate

If you’re the type of person who has piles of Pinterest boards, has Marie Kondo’d their kitchen cupboards, and who can’t switch off before the reveal on a home makeover show, then having the opportunity to decorate your baby or child’s bedroom can be a dream project! Alternatively, you might struggle to envision what an empty room could look like, or how to adapt trends into your own home, and so the thought of completing a room makeover is a daunting idea. Whether you’re a keen amateur interior designer or a DIY dreader, we have some ideas, inspiration and tips to help you create a dream sanctuary for your little one to play and sleep in.

Who are you decorating for?

If you’re pregnant and expecting a baby your natural nesting instinct will likely push you to prioritise creating a bedroom or dedicated space for your little one before he or she arrives. This is a great time to enjoy the process and indulge in your own taste. It is advised that baby sleeps in the same room as you for at least their first six months, so the likelihood is they won’t sleep in their own room for a long time - and of course they won’t mind what colour the walls are! So feel free to create a picture-perfect space that’s more about making you feel calm and comfortable than it is for the baby. You might like to think of it as a relaxing space where you can retreat to feed the baby, create a soothing bedtime routine with a massage after bath time or to settle them when they’re fractious.

If your child is older and starting to develop their own interests then you can let your (and their!) imagination run wild! Whether it’s rainbows or robots, a lick of paint and some themed accessories can make all the difference and create a space that stimulates, educates and inspires them.  

Pantone Colour Of The Year 2021

Pantone have announced that the colours of 2021 are Ultimate Grey and Illuminating Yellow [source:]. Easy to adopt into a nursery scheme, these complementary colours work beautifully together in a Child’s room. Create a moodboard by browsing furniture, lamps, toys and paint colours online and picking out anything that catches your eye in shades of grey or yellow. When you lay them out together on your moodboard you’ll get a good feel for how the finished room might look, and you can tone it down if you’d rather a zen space in pale grey, or turn up the yellow for a bright, cheerful room. Our Wildlife Collection pulls together rich mustard with a neutral background, so would fit wonderfully in this scheme.

All About The Accessories

Trends come and go, and in years gone by many kids bedrooms were decorated with cartoon wallpaper, character borders and artistic murals. This style is a hit with the kids...but only for as long as they are into that theme. Then it becomes a headache as you need to redecorate the whole room to keep up with their ever-changing interests.

So, recently there has been a strong trend for plain, painted walls in neutral colours. Bright white, soft green, warm cream, or anything else the Farrow & Ball colour chart has to offer!

By choosing a more ‘grown up’ wall colour you can focus on accessories to bring personality into the room, and switch them up whenever you want to refresh the space, or when your little one decides that dinosaurs (which were the best thing in the world last week) are now boring!  


Continuing the idea of moving away from characters and going for a broader scheme, patterns continue to be very popular. Whether it’s monochrome geometric shapes, a bold stripe or an illustrative bohemian design like our Ankara range, using boldly patterned textiles adds interest, depth and colour to a space without committing to a specific theme or interest. Patterns also grow well with your child, select them carefully and they won’t look babyish as your child grows older, meaning that you can continue to use the same bedding for years to come. 


Whether it’s in framed art prints, screen printed pennant flags, neon signs or bedding, typography is a huge trend! This works particularly well in kid bedrooms, as not only is it decorative and impactful, but it will also help early learners to recognise their letters and start their reading journey. Our Alphabet Quilt is decorated with bold, colourful letters and fun appliqued pictures so that you can incorporate this trend in a child-friendly way.

Unisex Decor

Many parents are choosing to move away from the traditional pink for a girl and blue for a boy when decorating their nursery or playroom. Creating a neutral space allows your child to flourish into whoever they are, rather than conform to old-fashioned ideas. Designers and brands have embraced this shift in society and so there’s a limitless choice of kids decor that is designed for both boys and girls. 

Conscious Consumption

More than ever, we are aware of the impact our buying choices are having on the environment. Of course, we want our children to have a healthy world to grow up in and pass to their children. A great way to get off on the right foot as a new parent is to start with the looooong shopping list of baby products you’ll no doubt have! There is an amazing range of eco-friendly baby products available now, from cool niche brands to the big supermarket giants. There are sustainable, eco-friendly versions of almost all the baby gear you’ll need.

Kabode’s bedding collection is made from sustainable 100% organic cotton and free from toxic chemicals. Our bedding is kind to the environment and kind to children’s skin.

However you decide to decorate your nursery or kids bedroom this year, we’d love to see it! Tag us in your photos on Instagram, and follow us for lots of lovely nursery interior inspiration.  

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Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase
Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase
Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase
Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase
Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase
Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase
Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase

Ankara Duvet Cover & Pillowcase

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